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Some Advice For the Guys

This is for the Guys

Buy your own tie since rentals ones never fit as well.


Have an extra handkerchief in your pocket in case you or your bride starts to cry, her wedding dress doesn’t come with pockets.


A simple card with flowers sent to your girl while she’s getting ready the day of the wedding will go a long way. If you’re planning a surprise don’t forget to let us (wedding photographers) know so that we can be there to capture the moment for you.


When it’s time for the rings, hold the hand gently and slowly slip the ring on. Once the ring is on hold it in that position of a few seconds so that we can get the ring shots. Hands tend to swell with stress and heat so put some lotion on your hands to aid in the process. This is especially important for the guys since their hands look like they walk on their knuckles some times!


The Kiss- Remember that this is a family show so try not to make out too much up there. Enough said.


Teeth Whitening- If you enjoy coffee, red wine, and or smoking your pearly whites may not be so white. Now thanks to all the strips and other over the counter treatments you can personally whiten your smile in about two weeks for those perfect white smile photos.


Try and get some rest the night before your wedding. The night before is not a great time to get hammered or do a battle royal in TJ…


Try and notice all the little things that went into your wedding day and enjoy all the little moments as well as the big ones. You’ll be surprised just how fast it goes by.