Crazy Weddings

I am melting!
The warmest wedding we did was on July 22nd 2006. In the limo ride to the church the outside temperature was 105 F. In the Catholic Church in downtown San Diego the temperature was around 98 degrees! The unity candles melted to a puddle before the couple was able to do the lighting ceremony. While photographing the formal portraits at the beach we had to wipe down the bride and groom before every shot. I sat in a puddle of sea water to help me cool off.


Just plain crazy
Our craziest reception so far was July 29th 2006 at the Amodio Wedding. Due to the heat and the mist falling from the sky at night during the outdoor reception the bride and groom took it upon themselves to jump into the swimming pool to cool down and relax a bit. They also brought with them a couple of bride’s maids for color. They were fully dressed and she still looked amazing afterward while dancing and mopping the dance floor with her dress. The groom was wearing only pants (no shirt, shoes, socks) during the last dance. The night before the groom and his groomsmen broke the couch in their hotel room body slamming each other.


That’s my mom -or- The Big Lebowski

Weirdest thing to ever happen to me at a wedding was when I was photographing the formal portraits for a couple at the La Jolla reefs and the bride wanted to scatter the ashes of her late mother into the Pacific as a symbolic gesture. She wanted me to capture this important moment for her so I positioned myself further along on the reef to get an artistic angle of the couple with the beach and cliffs in the background. The first attempt to shake out the contents only released a small portion so the bride tripled her efforts and on the second try the entire contents were released just as a strong gust of wind blowing in my direction captured the grey cloud of mother and proceeded to cover me from head to toe. After dusting myself off we, and when the brides was able to stop laughing long enough to speak again she said ‘That’s just like my mom to get in the way of a shot!’. Understandably they tipped me well…


What next!
After a long and beautiful Catholic ceremony we wanted to take a few photos of the bride and groom back at the alter which is customary and expected. Unfortunately the next event in the church was due to begin in 15 minutes and the bride and groom were quickly and sternly told by the Father that they needed to leave and would not be able to have a single photo in the church. Naturally the bride and her mother were crying outside while we were getting ready to go onto a different location for her formal portraits. After calming her down and redoing her makeup we ended up having a great time taking photos and all was forgotten at the church. On the way to the reception a father of a bridesmaid had a heart attach and we had to quickly get the bridesmaid to her waiting husband so she could be with her father. The bride and some of her bridesmaids were crying again, naturally, but all was better when news from the hospital came back that the father was doing well. We proceeded to clean her up again, and then have an amazing time at the reception.


Family members

I noticed at the reception of a wedding that there was some tension between some tables. I was informed by the bride’s mother that three days prior to the wedding the uncle of the bride arrested the uncle of the groom in the presence of the out of town guests staying with them in his home. The sheriffs department entered the home with a warrant, ordered everyone to the ground including grandma, and proceeded to cuff the uncle while confiscating computers and business phone records. The next day he was out on bail and able to attend the festivities along with his least favorite in-law.


Trash that dress!
I had a wonderful destination wedding couple from the East coast use our services for their wedding. After the ceremony was finished, and I took all the family photos the bride told me that she wanted to go swimming in the ocean in her wedding dress. After confirming that she was serious I took all of the photos I could think of while she was dry. Once I said OK, she and her new husband proceeded to body surf in La Jolla and have the best time.


Now that’s harmony
While doing an outdoor wedding ceremony, the groom, ring bearer, and groomsmen proceeded to sing to the bride to her surprise and joy before the pronouncement and kiss. This was a complete surprise to everyone attending as well. We were the only ones that knew what was going to happen so that we could get into position for the photos.


Some facts
Smallest wedding – 2 people (I do lots of these) and I sign as the witness on the license.

Biggest wedding – 650 people in Huntington Beach California.

Average San Diego Wedding – Around 150 people.

Biggest budget we’ve seen – $180,000
Ceremony at the Immaculata in USD, photos at Balboa Park, photos in family mansion in Coronado, lunch at Hotel Del, cocktails on the Windsor Lawn, reception in The Grand Ballroom with string quartet for dinner, live band and DJ for entertainment. Five Course dinner, espresso bar, chocolate fountain station, custom dance floor laminate, flowers everywhere, and us.

Longest wedding-I showed up for hair and makeup at 7AM and we finished at around 11PM, all of this was covered in their package. This also happened to be the hottest wedding of all time so it was a test of endurance and hydration. As a side note, the bride and groom were completely exhausted and wanted to go to sleep by 8PM!