Wedding Hair Do’s and Don’ts

Wedding Hair Do’s and Don’ts

For everything that you do in life there is a list of do’s and don’ts that would be beneficial for you to know. Wedding hair do’s and don’ts are not life altering pieces of information in the grand scheme of things, but they are important if you want to do everything within your power to avoid hair disasters on the biggest day of your life. The article that follows comes from many years of wedding photography experience watching the bridal hair process with hundreds of brides.

To begin with, if you end up with an inexperienced hairdresser you need to know that some up-do styles can involve pain if done incorrectly. It’s essential that you know how to avoid any unexpected discomfort. If you want to know how to get the best hairdresser for you and you desire to have the best wedding hairstyle imaginable, just follow these 6 of the best wedding hair or special occasion tips.

1. Prepare Properly If you’re going to have anything done to your hair like having a perm, color, or any other
treatment, make sure you allow yourself at least 1 month before your wedding date. This will give your hair time to soften a little, so that your pictures will look natural. And if you change your mind, you won’t be pushed for time.

2. Time it Good If you’re planning on having a stunning up-do, don’t get it styled first thing in the morning. And don’t
have it pulled back overly tight. You might find your scalp starting to get painful, and the last thing you want is a headache on your big day. This also includes painful pinning of your hair and veil.

3. Your Location If you’re going to a really hot and sunny destination, avoid ruining your hairstyle by using sun
screen products to your hair. This will help to avoid color fade and any damage from the sun. Of course don’t forget your face, arms, and shoulders if you’re going to be in the sun all day. I’ve seen my share of sunburned brides and it’s not fun.

4. Haircuts Have a simple cut and blow dry every 3 to 4 weeks prior to your wedding to make sure you don’t have a
split end in sight, and to always have your hair looking majestic. This would be done preferable with your wedding day stylist.

5. Choosing a Wedding Stylist Wedding hairdressing is pretty much different to normal everyday hairdressing, and
your regular hairdresser may not be familiar with bridal styles, so make sure you choose a good wedding hairdressing specialist, so that you don’t end up being disappointed. DEFINITELY DO A TRIAL RUN to see how well you work together, how long it takes, if you like the process and finished results. Take the time and do a trial run.

6. Keep it Simple In an effort to have the most amazing wedding hairstyle ever photographed on record you might
end up doing the opposite, and having it backfire on you. The more complicated a hairstyle you decide on, the more there is to possibly go wrong, and you don’t want to add to the worry you are already feeling.

Here are some more things to think about…

Wedding hair salon appointments take a lot of time, and they are tedious for the stylist. You should always tip the stylist a larger amount than you normally do. Remember that this person is going out of their way to make your dreams come true and tip them accordingly.

Speaking of time, make sure that your stylist keeps to a schedule since everything that follows is based on a schedule (makeup, dress, pre photos, ceremony…). Let’s not add to the stress by being behind on the timeline.

Do not color your hair the day before an important event such as this. If you are going to have your hair colored you want to do this well enough in advance that any mistakes that occur can be corrected.

Do not cut your hair the day before an event as important as this. When you cut your hair it will take a couple of days for the style to look and feel normal to you. Many times when you cut your hair you do not like the results. Do not make changes like this right before an important day in your life.

Do not forget when you are making out those lovely thank you cards after the ceremony that the stylist played an important part in your big day. Send them a personal note of appreciation so they know exactly how much you did appreciate their hard work and time. These personal notes of thanks make a large difference in the life of others.

And lastly……. have fun during the process! Make sure you have fun while you’re in the chair with your bridesmaids. Bring some music, have snacks and drinks ready, and let your photographer know when it’s your turn to be in the chair so you can start with your photos. This is usually the time when I arrive to start my photos and also get shots of the wedding dress, shoes, jewelry.

I hope this help you out!!
Richard Santini RHS Photo